A downloadable Corona-chan Simulation for Windows

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Corona-chan has arrived and is ready to wreak some havoc on the general populous of Wuhan, China.  She is but a little virus exploring and finding herself through a big adventure as she makes everyone sick and die.

Throughout the game, you play as the beloved Corona-chan and you must show everyone how much you care for them and expose them to the 2019-nCoV / COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Show everybody who dares defy Corona-chan how it feels!


This game is still a work in progress, and will continuously be updated as long as Corona-chan continues to multiply and spread her presence throughout Earth!


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CORONACHAN-03-26-2020.zip 298 MB

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This is in really bad taste. Seriously. This game is a ridiculously bad idea. 

lovely... real lovely...

when i click on anything at opening screen I get "this._canvasclearwindowrect is not a function

Did you open the right file?



Will you be adding more?  I see it says 'work in progress'...  

Yes!  Of course, Corona-chan is always growing!  ^-^


holy hell

Teehee~  ^-^