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School-based fighting Yuri RPG game with monster girls!


NOTE:  This is a really early stage demo!!  I will add in custom battle art for every monster eventually.

Monster Girl University is a monster girl dating sim, and you play as Alex, a human girl who finds herself in an indecisive place in her life, unsure of what her next steps are or where to go.  She decides to apply to Monster Girl University, attending a school filled with monster girls, being the only human girl on campus.

Many options are to be seen in this game, as it is going to have open-world elements, a mix between visual novel style and turn-based roleplaying game where you can explore the world, collect items, fight monster girls, and... maybe even date monster girls.


Made in RPG Maker MV.


YanFly (https://www.yanfly.moe)

GALV's  Scripts  (https://www.galvs-scripts.com)

Atelier RGSS (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-mv/)

HimeWorks (http://himeworks.com/)


Main Menu (Lost Beneath The Stars), Some Danger, Charming Meadows: Tyberalex (https://soundcloud.com/tyberalyx)

Additional Artwork

Tall Sprite Base (v2) by hiddenone

Pixel Art Food by shiromyhyuuga

Indrah's Tall Doors by Indrah


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Is there a Russian translation?

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Its a confusing game, really. Dont get me wrong, its actually a really interesting concept, and I ADORE the art. But i found myself getting stuck from the first 10 minutes playing. after the fight with Sylvia, i went to interact with one of the npcs, then went back to talk to Sylvia, and she started following me. Then i started reading all the signs cuz i needed to get an ID. Finally found the library, but it said work in progress . Then i thought i needed to talk to the principal, so i did that, but its still work in progress even after that. It would be really nice if there would be an arrow pointing to where you need to go, at least the first time you get into the ”new world”. Least to say, it wasnt too nice of an introduction to the game. Then, I found one of those weird red flaming holes or something and interacted with it, and got panicked cuz i thought it was a boss battle of something and all i had were 5 apples. Then i went to the rabbit hole, as it was the only thing that seemed to work, and was instantly attacked. Beat one bunny, then got attacked again by 2 other bunnies, and got killed. Had to start the game again. I didnt do any progress anyways,so it wasnt that bad.. Im not trying to bring down the developer, not in any way, but right now from what i can understand its still WIP and it has some gliches/bugs, whatever. Its okay. Might come back after this game after its finished :) (i hope the dev doesnt drop it)

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i cant download it, it says it's downloading but when it's done it says download even though i have downloaded it and i can't find it in my library either. and the game does take up space on my computer though i searched through my entire computer and cant find it.

Press Ctrl + J in your browser if you're using a PC or Apple + J on a Mac, and it should take you to all your recent downloads.   Hope this helps!

does anyone know of any free no download avatar makers?

I had to customize these sprites on my own.  If you'd like me to make you some, I'm available for commissions  :D


I really like this game, and while i understand its a side project, im a little lost. theres not really many things that can point you in your way or somthing

oh well, i still really enjoy the game non the less keep up the good work

Would putting a map in the game help at all?  Been considering it...


YES! I'm happy that it's still in development, as when I first played it I had a really good time in spite of the challening fights.


Thank you!  Glad you like the demo so far.  I personally enjoy challenging fights in video games, but maybe I'll throw in some art scenes for it to be more rewarding if that's what gets people going.


The art of the game is nice, I like the idea of the storyline... when are you going to update it? Right now im stuck finding the harpy nest but i didn't know if im in the right place or its just telling me to come back later

Thanks!  I haven't gotten to the harpy nest update and I know it's been a while since I've been working on this game.  At this point in time, this is still a side project, but I'm very happy for your feedback.  Do you think I should add a map to this game?


Yes the would help a lot! Keep up the good work! :)

I'm enjoying the writing and art so far, but the game feels really hard and seems like it requires lots of early grinding, which I'm not a big fan of.  Is there something I'm missing to make combat easier, or is it meant to punish you for opening chests in the bunny hole with 3x inescapable lamias every time?

Haha, sorry about the grinding!  Thank you soldancer for taking the time to comment.  I meant for it to be a little hard because I'd like for it to be taken seriously as an actual game.  I just like it when games are a little more challenging, as my personal preference.  Try exploring the campus more to find out if there's any other monster girls you can recruit into your party!


 I love so far what I have played of the game! I just have a question tho. I like immediately started stealing apples and got caught and (eventually) I beat the shopkeeper twice and leveled up, problem is Alex is knocked out. She still walks and talks, but I can't use her in any fights and food doesn't awaken her. Is there any way I can revive her??

Also is there anything you would recommend I do first in the game, cause when I got to the dorms and talked with some girl we talked about these bunny girls I had supposedly faced and I hadn't fought any bunny girls so I was a bit confused.

Thank you for making a monster sapphic game! It's just what the world needs!

Have a great day!


Hey LittleJ!  

Thanks for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it!  I want to make the experience playing this game as good as possible.  Wow.  I actually did not know that can happen.  Check out the spa area (it's basically like a Pokemon center except it takes some of your gold unless you purchase a spa pass, which is expensive and takes quite a bit of Skreems away). 

I'm glad you enjoy it!  Hope you come back when I make an update.


Okay thank you so much! =D Is there any order you recommend I do things in?


Not really!  It's meant to be open-world.  Now I'm realizing I've done a lot of the planning wrong, so I might just try to make it more linear...  lol

Okay, thank you! =D Well open world and linear are both great and awesome and I'm sure whatever you do will be awesome!

What does TP mean and how do I use it? Also, it shows luciana in your screenshot of helping to fight the queen but I cant get her to join.

Try playing a minigame you get to by clicking on the billboard!

Also TP is basically MP that is set to 100 for all characters.  Instead of an action costing MP to use, it could cost TP instead.

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Thanks . Also, I don't know where the billboard is loacted in the game.

It's in the cafe, where Luciana is found.  :)  There should be a question mark that appears above it the first time you enter the location in game.

Thanks. I found the minigame but all I'm getting is the restock shelves. No Luciana. 

Try talking to her after getting more Skreems!

i cannot start the game, what should i do, i use winrar32 if it helps:/

Hey!  It looks like I uploaded a test version of my game.  Sorry about that.  I fixed the issue today- try out the latest version!

What do I do after I've gotten an ID card and I have Sylvia following me? I can't seem to click on the bulitain.

Try pressing the space bar or click a bit lower, near you.


me again just asking about when the next major update may be? understand if there is no certain time you can give but just curious about what day you hope to get it in by or just an estimated time you think you might get it out

I'm planning on updating this to a new version maybe sometime around the end of this month.  :)  Thanks for checking in, hope you have some more feedback for me!  I'll be launching my own Discord server for Monster Girl University, so please reach out and let me know any suggestions!  I liked all of the ideas you mentioned previously, thanks again for the support!


so yeah not sure if the game runs slow because of my computer or not but either way it looks like it could be a good game but i think that if your gonna work on art for the game i recommend setting up art for if you lose along with dialog as it seems like its meant to be a hentai game just based off its description now if your going for the type of game where its like yuri stuff like scenes with kissing and such but no full on nudity id like to know ahead of time but still if its meant to be a full on H-game id say there should be art for the spa place for when you get a massage and H-scenes with dialog when you lose a fight... and maybe no game over screen like maybe make it so that you get sent back somewhere and lose some levels or skreems and whenever you next go against the enemy that beat you they gloat a bit or somthing like that but if your not into that part at least add the H-scene like maybe one for if you lose against sylvia or somthing like that as lets be honest many people are gonna lose the first one on purpose just to see one so why not just give em what they want.

otherwise id say you got a good game in the makeing if you plan on adding all that later on anyways i look forward to finding out about what you plan to add in the future.

Hey!  Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, I love these suggestions!  I'll keep these in mind for when I release my next major updates. 

haha i look forward to it  though i am curious to see what kinda kinks you plan to add


Hey!  Sorry about that, I might have uploaded the files before they were even done being compressed into .zip files.  I just re-uploaded everything today and tested extracting it this time.  Let me know if this problem still persists!


Working great now!

i think thats called the harry poter problem

Deleted 110 days ago

Hi Skipalish!  

I made that part of the campus temporarily like that.  I'll make a devlog to describe what each area does, sorry for not really making it clear what each area is for.  I'm working on an area right now where you can go through a maze and fight some enemies, which in turn unlocks other areas for different / higher leveled monsters to appear.  Thanks for trying it out.  I'm also using MacOS to develop it, and this little problem should be fixed in the next update so I make everything that's unfinished more clear.

I think I missed a significant event, but I can't find it by restarting either.  I recruited Sylvia and Luciana, completed the store job a few dozen times, but most of the school is un-populated.  The screen west (left) of the center has no NPCs and no random encounters.  All of the doors and entrances either do nothing or push me back (respawn me back onto the screen 2 steps from the door)

Hey Zephy!

Thanks for commenting with your concerns! I'm planning on adding content to the doors, most of which will be locked until you get certain items after certain events or by finding them scattered across.  Check for the next update, I'll be adding battle-related content soon! 

Well then I'll be waiting for more updates.  I love the concept of the game and the art is nice, I just didn't realize how early in the project I caught you.  It looks like your Patreon blew up, or maybe the link is just broken?

Haha, no problem!  I haven't been working much on it since life issues got in the way.  I removed my Patreon page, since I thought it wouldn't be fair for regular patrons if I'm going to be working on this sporadically, so I thought I'd go with collecting Itch payments or possibly using IndieGogo or Kickstarter as well.


Love love love this game!


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Is there a menu, and if yes, how do I access it? I'm not really used to RPG Maker MV's controls.

Edit: I also found some bugs relating to the Grocery Store job.

First, you can move when the lady approaches you, and grab the groceries in advance. This is also how I found the second bug:

One of the walking-left sprites of the lady has a crudely-drawn "y" of some sorts in it.

Edit 2: Another bug. You can walk up the waterfall in the Blue Spa.

You press Esc to access the menu, and can remap those keys later. 

Thanks for the comment.  Let me know if you have any other feedback!  

Can there please be prices in the bookstore?

Yes!  Where at?  In the store or individual items, such as the shovel, pickaxe?  Or some other items that are outside on the shelves?

Individual items would be super helpful. For example, I have no idea how much I have to save up to get the amulet of wealth.

Ohhh.  Okay!  Thank you so much for your input!


I look forward to updates on this game! :)

For some reason, whenever I hit escape in the game, it pops up with this error down below. I can get around it by clicking the retry button and I'm able to progress, but it is frustrating to say the least having it happen every time I need to access the menu. I've tried running as admin, re-downloading, re-extracting, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the game looks like a beautiful work of art :3.

Oh!!  Thank you for addressing this issue, I forgot about this.   Fixing it now.

I'm getting this same error when I interact with the chest of jewels in the spa.

Thank you so much for pointing that out!  Fixing it now for my next update.

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(release: 11/05/2017)

I like the idea. The art and music are excellent, and the writing was fairly good.

I couldn't find anything else to do in the currently downloadable build after recruiting Luciana except for fighting random monsters; did I miss something or is that it for now? I see busts of two other girls on the main menu but wasn't able to find or recruit what I think are a kitsune and harpy.

...And, just because this was really bugging me when I first started: Why was Alexis carrying a sword around while writing college applications? Or did it appear in her hand when she teleported? :P

Alexis is missing a menu portrait. So is Luciana.

Sylvia is listed as a Spellcaster, but doesn't know any spells. Is she newly enrolled or something? :P

Luciana's conversation with Alexis if Alexis went to get a student ID before entering the cafe and talking to her is slightly nonsensical -- she acts like they've talked before.

You can sell the student ID card (for 25). It's probably a key item that shouldn't be sellable?

Losing to Sylvia is a game over; why? I mean, you'd never be able to do it by accident... but it's not like she's going to kill you when she's play-fighting... If going to 0 HP means dying, shouldn't the fight end when Alexis drops below 100 HP or something?

I don't seem to take any damage from zombie girls, no matter if they attacked or Dual Attacked. Is their Attack really weak?

The Student ID Card can be used as a combat item. (It doesn't do anything.)

I can run up this wall.

[Edit: Found via yuri game jam 2017, by the way.]

Hey Crowthorne,

Thank you so much for playing through this demo and for this review!  I've added menu portraits, fixed a few tile related problems (which caused being able to run up walls in some locations), and am still working on storyline material!  Sorry for the slow updates lately-- running into a few real life related issues these past couple months, but I should be ready to start seriously working on this in January!

Sounds cool! Can totally understand not wanting (or being able) to work on updates over Christmas. I look forward to giving it another playthrough when the storyline post-teleport is a bit more developed.


Although this looks like a charming game, it had to be removed from the Greek MytholoJam submission feed. Only work inspired by Greek antiquity and created between 11/15 and 12/6 is acceptable for this jam.

Thank you for your interest in the jam, and best of luck in the future!

Hello nyakochan,

I had to remove your submission to the Maximum Monster Month! game jam because it does not comply with our rules (even though it looks absolutely lovely! ♥).

Reason: your entry was published before the jam started.

I do wish you the best of luck in the future!


Patchwork Princess


Oh, I didn't realize...  well, good to know!  Is it possible to resubmit?  I started building my game around mid/late October.  Is it still disqualified?

Bug Report: On the principals office (the monster academy) im getting stuck, and i cant go out. 

Oh thanks.  I fixed it.  :D