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A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

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Yuri RPG Monster Girl Dating Sim 


note:  this is a really early stage demo!!  I will add in custom battle art for every monster eventually.

Monster Girl University is a monster girl dating sim, and you play as Alexis, a human girl who finds herself in an indecisive place in her life, unsure of what her next steps are or where to go.  She decides to apply to Monster Girl University, attending a school filled with monster girls, being the only human girl on campus.

Many options are to be seen in this game, as it is going to have open-world elements, a mix between visual novel style and turn-based roleplaying game where you can explore the world, collect items, fight monster girls, and... date monster girls.


Made in RPG Maker MV with lots of custom scripts and assets.


YanFly (

GALV's  Scripts  (


Main Menu (Lost Beneath The Stars), Some Danger, Charming Meadows: Greg Argulla (


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Hello nyakochan,

I had to remove your submission to the Maximum Monster Month! game jam because it does not comply with our rules (even though it looks absolutely lovely! โ™ฅ).

Reason: your entry was published before the jam started.

I do wish you the best of luck in the future!


Patchwork Princess


Oh, I didn't realize...  well, good to know!  Is it possible to resubmit?  I started building my game around mid/late October.  Is it still disqualified?

Bug Report: On the principals office (the monster academy) im getting stuck, and i cant go out. 

Oh thanks.  I fixed it.  :D