Next Demo Release (11/9/17)

Uploads are disabled for now due to my submission to the IGMC 2017 Game Jam!  However, I will continue to be working on this and plan on releasing a demo with the following features soon!

Better combat (complete with more custom drawn monster girls), more attacks, magic skills, animations, and possibly a different battle system entirely.  Not a fan of the default RPG Maker MV battle system, which this demo (as of today when I made this post) is currently using.

- More dialogue options with monster girls in and outside of your party.

- Bust artwork for the Headmistress, Plant Girl (girl inside the Botanical Garden), Kitsune/ Fox Girl, Harpy, Slime Girl

- Cutscenes!  This game will be more story-focused, as I intended to use RPG Maker as a platform for a visual-novel style game, where you can still explore, pick up items, talk to people, and have a certain "feel" about the game.  I did not intend to make this game for its battle system, though battling monster girls is just a bonus.  

-Jobs (from the bulletin board inside the Cafe)!  This will allow you to make more gold from doing separate "jobs" you pick up from the bulletin board!


That's all the announcements I want to make for now, thanks for checking out Monster Girl University!

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